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in the Greater Lynchburg Area for over 50 Years

January 26, 2014

Ce blog n'est pas une blague

Bonjour Lynchburg !

Lynchburg, Virginia is a city with deep roots in American tradition and culture, and is a leader in the region in education and high technology jobs.  Did you know Lynchburg also enjoys a strong foundation in the French culture?

For over 50 years, the Alliance Française de Lynchburg has promoted French culture and education in our region.  Led by American Francophiles and French expatriates who have come to Lynchburg over the years, the Alliance has built a strong French community in the Hill City.

We are a diverse group, with varied backgrounds and life stories, but we share the common desire to come together and enjoy French culture, food, and language.  We have already planned an exciting year of events and language classes.

Our big events include Mardi Gras, 14 juillet (Bastille Day-French Independence Day), and la Fête de Noël (Christmas party).  Other events include various lectures and film presentations, as well as monthly dinners and French cooking classes.  We hope you will join us at our events and in our classes through out the year.

à bientôt !!

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