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April 29, 2014

Who was Charlemagne?

A lecture by Sweet Briar Professor Marie-Therèse Killiam.

Who was Charlemagne?

Was he blond? Did he have a beard? How tall was he and did he really create schools for everyone? Why was his mother called big foot Bertha? What did they eat? Where did they leave? Did Roland exist? Did Charlemagne go on a crusade in Spain? Did he really own a white elephant? Why is it important to know about him?

These are the questions I had to answer when I decided to write his story. I have some answers, some others I had to guess, deduce, or invent. I have no doubt that you will be surprised by some facts, and edified by others....

To be continued on Wednesday, April 30, 5:30 p.m., at Randolph College-reception to follow. Check our Facebook Page for details!

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